Who does the voice over in the Ford “Go Further” Commercials? 6

**Click here if you’re looking for the actress in the 2017 Ford Fusion commercial “Beauty of a Well-Made Choice”**

Ford "Go Further" Commercials Ford Fusion 360 degrees of chaos


Hi Everyone,

We received a request from Sharon on our Facebook page, wanting to know who is the actress providing the voice over for the new Ford “Go Further” commercials. Specifically, the commercials are for a Ford Escape and Ford Fusion.



Here are two of the commercials in question:

If you’ve got any information on who does the voice over we would all REALLY appreciate it. Been trying to figure this one out for some time now.


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  • Kris

    Helen Hunt

  • Michelle Devine Guarneri

    its Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad, Gracepoint)

  • Andy

    YEESSSSSS….OMG Thank you!!!!! Its driving me nuts!!!! I knew her voice!!!

  • Andy

    Kris is right…its Helen Hunt!!! I knew I recognized that voice.

  • Joanna

    Sounds like the actress that plays Carol I’m walking dead

  • Steve Albrecht

    Katee Sackhoff??