Who does the voiceover in the Quilted Northern Commercials from 2015? 12

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The community would like to know who the actor is providing the voice over in the Quilted Northern commercials from 2015 “Designed to be forgotten“:


Quilted Northern commercial toilet paper 2015


If you know who does the voice over in this commercials please let us know in the comments below!


What do you think?
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  • shiek yerbooti

    Just a guess…. sounds like Dean Winters

    • mam

      That’s my guess as well.

  • Gigi922

    To me, he sounds like Shawn Christian, an actor on the soap Days of Our Lives. Just my opinion. 🙂

  • Rebecca Kleitz

    Sounds like Justin Theroux, from the Leftovers, to me.

  • Kathleen Brenner

    sounds like Diego Klattenhoff from Homeland and Blacklist

  • Mary

    Matthew Rhys

  • Shawn Klein

    I’ve searched on Youtube and listened to everyone mentioned here to compare their voices, and I vote for Diego Klattenhoff.

  • robert

    They have re-released the ads with a new voiceover. The new one is not nearly as good. Maybe they thought the previous one was too “dark”.

    • Randall Rous

      This made no sense to me. The new VO isn’t nearly as sharp from a comedic running standpoint.

      • Randall Rous


      • robert

        I agree. The original ads were compelling. I would always watch them. The new ones I don’t pay attention to.

  • Randall Rous

    After a little research, the original run of these spots were voiced by Larry Davis, a rather versatile VO artist. The new VO guy, I don’t know who it is but isn’t nearly as good.