Who does the voiceover in the Quilted Northern Commercials from 2015? 13

The community would like to know who the actor is providing the voice over in the Quilted Northern commercials from 2015 “Designed to be forgotten“:


Quilted Northern commercial toilet paper 2015


If you know who does the voice over in this commercials please let us know in the comments below!


  • shiek yerbooti

    Just a guess…. sounds like Dean Winters

    • mam

      That’s my guess as well.

  • Gigi922

    To me, he sounds like Shawn Christian, an actor on the soap Days of Our Lives. Just my opinion. 🙂

  • Rebecca Kleitz

    Sounds like Justin Theroux, from the Leftovers, to me.

  • Kathleen Brenner

    sounds like Diego Klattenhoff from Homeland and Blacklist

  • Mary

    Matthew Rhys

  • Shawn Klein

    I’ve searched on Youtube and listened to everyone mentioned here to compare their voices, and I vote for Diego Klattenhoff.

  • robert

    They have re-released the ads with a new voiceover. The new one is not nearly as good. Maybe they thought the previous one was too “dark”.

    • Randall Rous

      This made no sense to me. The new VO isn’t nearly as sharp from a comedic running standpoint.

      • Randall Rous


      • robert

        I agree. The original ads were compelling. I would always watch them. The new ones I don’t pay attention to.

  • Randall Rous

    After a little research, the original run of these spots were voiced by Larry Davis, a rather versatile VO artist. The new VO guy, I don’t know who it is but isn’t nearly as good.

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