Wendy’s 2012-2013 Commercials


The actress in the new Wendy’s Commercials is:

Morgan Smith Goodwin
SITE: No Longer Active

  • https://www.google.com/profiles/110322290096362624750 Jean Deaux

    and this one time, @ band camp….

  • cmatovich

    I was thinking the same thing…(Band Camp)

    I like her for Wendy’s….I’m assuming they want us to think of her as Wendy herself.

  • Phil Blank

    Her real name is Morgan Smith Goodwin and her hair is more blond then red.
    Google image search her name “Morgan Smith”
    BTW, they link for her site is just ads.

    • AdWhois

      Thanks for the heads up that the link is no longer active. When this commercial was added the link went to her fanpage.

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