Annoying Commercials: Volkswagen VW 100,000 Miles “Garage” Commercial

VW 100,000 miles commercial garage volkswagen

The Volkswagen (VW) commercial where the man pulls into his garage and sees his odometer reads 99,999 miles is very annoying for several reasons. The first being that simply reversing the car would increase the odometer reading so he could just back out into his driveway and turn the odometer to 100,000 in the process.

The other obvious reason this commercial is annoying is that nobody in their right mind would cause damage to their house, car, and tools just to get the odometer to 100k miles…

What this commercial says to me, is that Volkswagen owners are idiots (apparently), not to mention that 100,000 miles is really not an achievement for today’s cars so I don’t know why they are celebrating it. I understand Volkswagen was trying to be funny but maybe the Germans should stick to making cars and leave the comedy to someone else.

Thoughts, criticism, praise? Let me (and the world) know in the comments below!

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