Who does the voiceover in the new CVS Health commercials? [solved] 7

We want to know who the actor is doing the voice over in the new CVS Health commercials (below), any idea?

CVS Health commercials from 2014 voice over



Let us know in the comment section below.


Thanks in advance!




EDIT: This has been solved by one of our site users. The doing the voiceover is Hunt Block. You can find the commercial page with actor info at the following link: http://adwhois.com/cvs-health-commercials/

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  • Voicecatcher

    I think it sounds like Hunt Block

    • voicecatcher

      does anyone agree with me?

      • Curious

        I agree

      • Mel Castelo

        Totally agree..dreamy voice 🙂

    • Barbara Delgado

      It is Hunt Block.

    • AdWhois

      Thank you! We’ve created a page for the CVS Health commercials.

  • January5th

    There is one actor, an African American young man, who plays a patient being seen by a Minute Clinic woman physician. You never see the physicians face, but the patient looks SO FAMILIAR! Its bugging me that I cant figure out where Ive seen him before.