Verizon Wireless commercial “Technical Foul” from 2017

The actors in the Verizon Wireless commercial “Technical Foul” from 2017 are:

Thomas Middleditch Verizon Wireless Commercial "Technical Foul"


Thomas Middleditch
Thomas’ IMDB Page

Thomas is a TV and movie actor known for his roles in the show Silicon Valley and the movie The Wolf of Wall Street

Odell Beckham Jr Verizon Wireless commercial "Technical Foul"


Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell’s Wikipedia Page

Odell is an NFL wide receiver for the New York Giants

Marc Evan Jackson Verizon Wireless Commercial "Technical Foul" from 2017


Marc Evan Jackson
Marc’s IMDB Page

Marc is an actor known for his role on the television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine and 22 Jump Street