Verizon FiOS Commercial “Once you got it, you get it!” 5

The actor doing the voiceover in the Verizon FiOS “Once you got it, you get it!” Commercial is:


Ty Burrell Verizon Fios commercial

Ty Burrell
IMDB: Ty Burrell IMDB


Ty Burrell has been in many acting roles as well as commercials but is most well-known from his role on ABC’s Modern Family where he plays the character Phil Dunphy.




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  • VSanity

    I wonder why he seems to do so many commercials now?

  • Tina

    I knew he did the voiceover!! Awesomeeee

  • MisterC

    I have never seen Modern Family (until a rerun on local TV last night – yes I know, it sounds unreal like I live under a rock) . But the Fios commercials…see them all the time and – I’m sorry – I always hated this voice, and dislike all the commercials, Quantum this and that! Just sounded like some smug happy guy. Then I saw the show last night and it just hit me. “That’s the guy!”

  • lorraine

    I am wondering if this new voice over on fox programs, is permanent. I wish they would take it off.

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