• VSanity

    I’m no fan of Verizon, but I love this commercial :p

  • MatWeller

    Thanks for the info! She says his name in the ad, and I knew it was his real first name but couldn’t remember the rest.

    • AdWhois

      No problem! I always remember him in Blast from the Past

      • MatWeller

        He used to show up in all kinds of things. Haven’t seen him in a while, though.

  • jusdan

    My husband and I were wondering who she was! We love this commercial!

  • Jean Field

    Does anyone know why they changed the commercial? Originally, he was watching Russian Dancing and then they changed it to Pottery. Just curious.

    • Bill

      Cause Ukranians were very upset that their traditional folk dancing was treated as only a little more tolerable than watching bugs crawl out of a tree.

  • Lesley Kay Sackville

    I love this commercial and I was pretty sure it was Rashida, I’ve been a fan of hers awhile. To be sure I looked it up…and found this! I remember Joey from Boston Public…pretty good show!