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Top Gear: Season 15 Episode 2 “Track Day Challenge”. For this episode the guys had to buy 3 track-day cars for under £5,000 and see who’s car was best. The episode culminated with the three presenters creating lap videos and posting them on youtube to see who could get more hits. These are the actual videos posted on youtube of the presenters’ track day laps and are quite hilarious.

Jeremy “Jezza” Clarkson’s Track Day Lap – Sierra Cosworth:

James “Captain Slow” May’s Track Day Lap – Mercedes-Benz 190E:

Richard “Hamster” Hammond’s Track Day “Lap” – BMW M3:

Catch a clip from the corresponding Top Gear episode here:

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  • VSanity

    “Nought to 60 in 1 second, is the important figga children need to remembah” lol priceless.