Top Gear: Bolivia’s Death Road ~ Video of the Day 2/7/2014

Top Gear Bolivia Special Death RoadToday’s video of the day is a segment from the Top Gear: Bolivia Special from series 14. The presenters find themselves on Bolivia’s notorious “Death Road” in their cheap, ancient, and battered 4WD SUVs (Not exactly the best vehicles to navigate the treacherous road). To make matters worse the vehicles used were bought sight unseen off the internet and of course there were some surprises. Jeremy is driving a Range Rover that was advertised as having a 3.9L engine, yet in actuality only has the 3.5L, Richard is driving a Toyota Land Cruiser which was advertised as a hard-top, and advertised as having a working starter. James is driving a Suzuki Samurai, James’ car was blue in the online picture and advertised as having a working 4WD, which the group finds out almost immediately that James’s Samurai is only 3 wheel drive. The entire Bolivia Special is really great and I urge you to give it a watch if you enjoy Top Gear, nonetheless I hope you enjoy this clip!

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