Samsung Galaxy S7 Commercial “Time” from 2016 4

The actors in the Samsung Galaxy S7 commercial “Time” from 2016 are:


Danny Glover Samsung Galaxy S7 Commercial "Time"


Danny Glover
Danny’s IMDB Page

Danny Glover is a Emmy nominated actor of film, television and stage known for his roles in the Lethal Weapon series, 2012 and shows such as Touch

Josh Brolin Samsung Galaxy S7 Commercial "Time"


Josh Brolin – Provides the Voiceover
Josh Brolin’s IMDB Page

Josh Brolin is an Academy Award nominated actor known for his roles in movies such as No Country for Old Men, Gangster Squad and Men in Black 3.


  • Brandy Boysen

    Who is the other guy in the taco truck with Glover? I know the face but just am blank on where I’ve seen him. Argh!

    • polishbandit

      Looks like jesse from breaking bad but I think I’m wrong

    • FijiGuy1

      His name is Steve Talley.

      • Brandy Boysen

        Yes!! From the 100, and Young and Hungry 🙂 Thank you.