Ram Trucks Commercials “Long Live Ram” from 2017 3

The actor providing the voice over for the Ram Trucks commercials “Long Live Ram” from 2017 is:

Taylor Kitsch Ram Trucks commercial "Long Live Ram" from 2017


Taylor Kitsch
Taylor’s IMDB Page

Taylor is television and movie actor known for his role in the television series Friday Night Lights and movies such as Battleship, John Carter and Lone Survivor.



  • ehl2828

    This doesn’t sound like Sam Elliott. Who is it? Is this Taylor Kitsch? I like Sam Elliott doing the voice!!

    • disqus_i1E6XbAfeq

      I don’t like Taylor kitsch’s voiveu no one will ever replace SAM ELLIOTT!!! Bring Jim back.

  • Maggie Thurlow

    No one will ever replace Sam Elliott!