Purple Seat Cushion Commercials from 2018

The actor in the new Purple Seat Cushion commercials from 2018 is:

Colin Mochrie Purple Seat Cushion Commercials from 2018


Colin Mochrie

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Colin Mochrie is an actor and comedian best known for his long-running improv comedy series Whose Line is it Anyway?. Colin is an original cast member of the show that started in 1998 and (after a few years hiatus) still runs today. While Whose Line as it’s colloquially is called was off the air, Colin and most of the other cast members from the show started another improv show called Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, while that show only lasted for a year, it rekindled the fans’ desire for another improv show, setting the stage for Whose Line to return in 2013. Colin is actually such a veteran of improv that he appeared on the British version of Whose line is it Anyway? before the American version even began.

In addition to his work on Whose Line, Colin has appeared as himself in many other television series such as Hollywood Squares, Trust Us With Your Life, and Match Game. As an actor, Colin has appeared in various projects as well such as Seven Little Monsters, Blackfly and The Tuxedo. Colin was born in Scotland in the late 1950s and grew up in Canada where he still has residency. Before gaining worldwide fame, Colin acted theatre productions where he met his longtime friend and Whose Line co-star, Ryan Stiles.

Colin is currently starring in various commercials for the Purple Seat Cushion where he plays many different characters such as the hardcore video gamer in this specific commercial. If you spend enough time on Youtube you’ll probably catch one of his Purple Seat Cushion commercials, you might not even realize you’re watching an ad, as they tend to be 3 minutes long in some cases and actually quite funny!

Purple Seat Cushion Commercials

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