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Now that we are only a few weeks from the launch of the Xbox One and even less from the PS4, I want to know which console the SodaHead community is planning on getting (if either).

I’m pretty torn. I know the PS4 is technologically better, and cheaper. But I have a Windows Phone, Windows 8 Tablet, and Windows Desktop/Laptops, so it would be nice to remain in the Microsoft ecosystem. I currently have both an Xbox 360 and PS3, and I love them both.

For me it probably comes down to price. $100 more for the Xbox One is definitely a sticking point for me. I don’t care about the Kinect and Microsoft shouldn’t be rewarded for making a foolish mistake on price (Remember how it hurt the PS3?)

According to a certain research firm consumers were surveyed and found to be more than twice as likely to purchase the PS4 than the Xbox One.

I have to imagine price is the motivating factor.
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    The best system does not always win. Presentation and emotion are big factors in a successful launch.

    • AdWhois

      Totally agree with you.
      I have pre-ordered the XBox One despite its inferiority and greater price. My primary reason for the purchase was that my friends all chose the Xbox over the PS4 (for some reason), rather than purchase a console that nobody else I know has I decided to get the one that would allow me to game with friends. I have mostly Windows products (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Phone) so the Xbox One was the logical choice for inter connectivity as well, but would not have mattered to me had my friends chosen the PS4.

      After seeing the Xbox One in person yesterday I instantly regretted my decision though (not enough to cancel the pre-order though), the Xbox One is enormous and so is the kinect that they force us to buy. On top of that the Xbox One still requires a power prick (lol) which is also huge. And finally we have to pay extra for the play n charge kit which is a total rip-off….

      I didn’t make my decision to go Xbox over PS4 until last weekend when I confirmed my friends had pre-ordered theirs but I was lucky enough to still get a Day One edition pre-order from Amazon at 8AM Wednesday the 20th. Had I not been able to pre-order I would have waited to purchase until the price inevitably decreases early next year.

      Thanks for your comment!