Who provides the voice of the lion in the Food Lion commercials? [Solved] 2

Click here to find out who provides the voice of the lion: http://wp.me/p47ajU-Z3E

Food Lion commercial lion voice hallie cooper



Hi Everyone,
We’ve received a request for the name actor providing the voice of the lion in the Food Lion commercials:


We’ve been digging but so far haven’t been able to get an answer. If you know who the actor is (or if you are the actor *wink wink*) let us know in the comments so we can verify it and get it added to the site.

We’ll be adding the commercial to the database anyways to add Hallie Cooper, who plays one of the fans in this commercial but it would be great to have the cast list more complete.


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  • Jamie Ray


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      Thanks Jamie Ray, we’ve actually these commercials solved, on our site for some time now!