Progressive Insurance “One Smart Board” Commercial

The actors in the Progressive Insurance “One Smart Board” commercial are:

Dan Bakkedahl Progressive Insurance One Smart Board
Dan Bakkedahl
IMDB: Dan Bakkedahl IMDB
Stephanie Courtney Progressive Insurance One Smart Board
Stephanie Courtney as “FLO”
IMDB: Stephanie Courtney IMDB





Dan Bakkedahl is best known for his work on the television show Legit as well as his roles in The Heat and This Is 40In addition to regular roles Dan has acted in a number of guest roles on popular television shows.

By this point Stephanie Courtney is probably most well known for her role as “FLO” from the progressive commercials. In addition to playing “FLO” Stephanie has appeared in several guest roles for hit televisions shows such as House M.D. and Mad Men.
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