Who plays the mother in the Citi Mobile Commercial? 5

Hello Everyone,
Site User “Jean Deaux” wants to know who play the mother in the following Citi Mobile Commercial:

Here is screen shot of the actress in question:
Citi Mobile Commercial Mother

If you’ve got an idea who this actress is please let us know in the comments below!


  • VSanity

    Isn’t it funny that this is the world we live in now? I remember life without the internet in every home (I was pretty young, but still), then I remember dial-up, etc etc. Now if I have to spend even a day without the web it feels like the end of the world. What a terrible thing.

  • Dayna

    Who’s her daughter?

    • Batman44

      That’s my question Dayna!

    • Fact Bringer Baby

      Camren Bicondova.

      • Dayna

        How’d you find that?