Nespresso Commercial “Training Day” 1

The actors in the Nespresso Commercial “Training Day” from 2015 are:


George Clooney Nespresso Commercial "Training Day"


George Clooney
George’s IMDB Page

George Clooney is an Oscar winning film star known for his roles in movies such as Ocean’s Eleven, Syriana and Up in the Air



Danny DeVito Nespresso Commercial "Training Day"


Danny DeVito
Danny’s IMDB Page

Danny DeVito is an Oscar nominated film and television star known for his roles in Tin Men, Other People’s Money and Always Sunny in Philadelphia



Helena Mattsson Nespresso Commercial "Training Day"


Helena Mattsson
Helena’s IMDB Page

Helena is a film and television star with credits including American Horror Story, Betrayal and Iron Man 2



  • VSanity

    Poor Danny DeVito, he’s always gonna be the mutt.