Napa “Can of Know How” Commercial 5

The actor doing the voice of the first can in the Napa “Can of Know How” Commercial is:

Patrick Warburton Napa Can of Know How commercials
Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton is a popular actor who has starred in many television shows as well as movies. Known for his monotone deep voice Warburton has enjoyed a successful career providing voice overs and live-action characters. Some of his most well-known roles include Joe Swanson on Family Guy and Jeff Bingham on Rules of Engagement. Warburton has provided the voice of the can in the Napa “Can of Know How” commercials for several years.

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  • D. Evans

    I just felt compelled to say how utterly stupid, idotic, and awful the recent NAPA auto commercials have been with that “can” voice. It has been one of , if not the worst, commercials in memory. It’s not funny at all. It most definitely does NOT want me to go there . One of the previous commercials was even offensive and gross. I don’t know who approved this commercial or how it even continues. I’ve never commented on commercials before, but these from this company have to be one of the worst ever!!!!!!

    • B

      I completely disagree… I think the commercials with the “Canned” voice are good. The idea is to look at the customer’s faces when the can starts talking. Picture your reaction if a can talked to you!

    • lovefords

      It will be neat not to see you at NAPA.

  • Chris Korol

    lol i just looked this up right when i heard joe swansons voice from family or rather patrick warburton but i don’t go by that i just say joe swanson from family guy. i never go by the actual actor or actress name jujst go by the characters they play. anyhow all i could think of was joe swanson in his wheel chair changing the oil on it or something silly like that and burning out his wheels on his wheel chair lol. I think i may watch to much adult swim although I’m not a huge fan of family guy anymore, i really only like bobs burgers, king of the hill, and a few others.