KFC Commercial “KFC Sitcom” – 2018

The actor playing the new Colonel Sanders in the KFC commercial “KFC Sitcom” from 2018 is:

Jason Alexander KFC Commercial "KFC Sitcom" from 2018


Jason Alexander
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Jason Alexander is an actor and comedian best known for his role as “George Costanza” on the extremely popular (even today) television sitcom Seinfeld from the nineties. Jason’s character in Seinfeld was an oft out-of-work friend of Jerry Seinfeld known for some of the most memorable comedic moments on television. In addition to his role on Seinfeld, Jason has appeared in many other performances, from guest starring as a hapless private detective that puts on a good show in the television series Monk to costarring as Hal’s extremely shallow (and quite ambitious) best friend “Mauricio” in the Jack Black comedy Shallow Hall.  

Jason is the most recent of many famous actors to take on the role of Colonel Sanders. It seems that these have become cameo appearances rather than actually new spokespeople, as recently the stints of other actors like Reba, Rob Lowe and have been only 1 or 2 commercials.

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