Infiniti Commercial “Vacation” – 2015 1

The actors in the Infiniti Commercial “Vacation” from 2015 are:


Ethan Embry Infiniti Commercial "Vacation"


Ethan Embry
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Christie Brinkley Infiniti Commercial "Vacation"


Christie Brinkley
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Scarlett Burke Infiniti Commercial "Vacation"


Scarlett Burke (Driving the Lamborghini)
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In case you didn’t know. This is a throwback to the Vacation movies, Christie Brinkley played a girl driving a Ferrari in Vacation and Vegas Vacation who pulled up next to the Griswold’s and flirted with Clark. Ethan Embry played Rusty Griswold in Vegas Vacation.




  • Nita Nameidea

    Absolutely HATE this commercial. Infinity was on my short list for new car – bought Volvo instead. My own little Infinity boycott due to asinine commercial rammed down my throat every 10 minutes