2014 Hyundai Elantra “Nice” – Big Game Commercial

The actors in the 2014 Hyundai Elantra “Nice” Big Game Commercial are:

Johnny Galecki Hyundai Elantra Nice big game commercial

Johnny Galecki
Johnny Galecki IMDB


Ciara Caneega Hyundai Commercial "Nice" big game


Ciara Caneega
Ciara Caneega IMDB


Richard Lewis Hyundai Elantra Nice commercial


Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis IMDB






The Hyundai voice-over is still performed by:

Jeff Bridges Hyundai Elantra Nice big game commercial

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges IMDB






Johnny Galecki is currently starring in CBS’ The Big Bang Theory but is also known for his roles on HBO’s Entourage as well as the hit television series Roseanne. Richard Lewis is a comedian and actor that has appeared as himself many times on shows such as Hollywood Squares and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Richard was also in a Snickers commercial from a few years back where he appeared as a Lumber Jack’s alter-ego. Jeff Bridges is an accomplished Academy Award winning actor known for his roles in many hit movies such as The Big LebowskiTronIron Man, and True Grit. Bridges has been doing the voice over for Hyundai as well as Duracell since 2011.


The song in this commercial is: “Evil Woman” by Electric Lights Orchestra: Youtube Video

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