How to add a commercial to the “Annoying Commercials” section

Hello Everyone!
There are a lot of annoying commercials out there and perhaps you want to share with the world which ones really bug you. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be sharing annoying commercials in no time!

Step 1:
Click the “+ New” button at the top of it the page OR click this link┬áto bring up the the post creator.

Step 2:
Select the Visual editor (“Visual” tab) if it isn’t already selected.

Step 3:
Where it says “Enter Title Here” enter the title of the commercial you are posting about.

Step 4:
In the body of the post talk a little about the commercial and why you hate it.

Step 5:
To post the corresponding youtube video in the post, click the “youtube” button and post the youtube share link in the first text field with the red * , then go to the bottom of the the form and click the blue “Insert Shorcode” button.

Step 6:
On the right side of the page under categories click the box next to “Annoying Commercials”, this will make your post appear in the proper field.

Step 7:
On the right side of the page under “Tags” enter as many relevant tags as you want. A good list of tags helps people all over the web find your post!

Step 8:
On the right side of the page click the blue button that says “Publish”

Congrats, you’re done adding your annoying commercial, your post has been submitted and will be found in the “Annoying Commercials” section of the site once a administrator has reviewed the post (usually goes quickly). Remember to keep all posts relevant and PG-13 or an administrator may remove your post.

Click this image for post-screen.