How to access the high resolution images on the Lumia 1020

nokia-lumia-1020-camera-gripHey Everyone,

If you’re like me, then you were a bit a confused when you opened the Windows Phone app on your PC to transfer all your high res images from your new phone only to find a bunch of 2 MB shots. How do I get the high resolution images off my Lumia 1020?

Well fear not, it took about 2 seconds but I figured it out, the app apparently doesn’t support the high res images (go figure), so all you need to do is (with the phone connected, unlocked, and app running) go to “My Computer” and find your Lumia 1020 under “Portable Devices”.


Next Double-Click “Phone”, then “Pictures”, then “Camera Roll”, and viola!

You’re high resolution images are right there, in all their 10MB glory. The ones that are high resolution have file names ending in “_highres” and are round abouts 7700 X 4300 resolution.

Beautiful. I bet it would be worthwhile to remove these from your phone every week since it seems that the phone it self can’t even view them so why bother take up the space.

Hope it helps!