Home Depot 2013-2014 “Let’s Do This” Commercials 36

The actor doing the voice-over in the Home Depot 2013-2014 commercial is:

Josh Lucas Home Depot
Josh Lucas
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0524197/





The previous voice of the Home Depot was Ed Harris. An example of a Home Depot commercial containing an Ed Harris voice-over can be found here:


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  • commwho

    THANKS! I had been trying to figure out who this was for months!!!

  • Mark Waxer

    I was going nuts trying to figure out where I heard that voice.
    Like so many good ones, such as the Ram commercials, you have a picture of the person in your mind, but can’t figure it out!
    For me, it was Mitch, in the Firm. I had to cheat and find out.
    I played golf with Gene Hackman a couple of times, many years ago in Tucson.
    Good on you, Josh, and Home Depot.
    When it works like this, it’s brilliant.

  • PaulyG4

    Most annoying voice on television. I want to go to Home Depot, buy a hammer, and pummel this moron to death with it.

    • clay

      you should go to home depot buy a hammer and pummel your self

      • PaulyG4

        The ones who really need a pummeling here are all your English teachers. Learn the English language before you address me again, you animal.

      • Goojman

        You should go suck off ur dog then sledge ur face in.

    • bptr

      I totally agree. Are they trying to get more interior decorator business?

    • Goojman

      I’d personally use a sledgehammer. I friggin hate Josh Lucas. I hate Home Cheapo.

  • Jim Riley

    Sweet Home (Depot) Alabama!

  • JupiterBowl

    Worst VO of the year. When I hear this voice I want to change the channel. Never thought I’d long for Ed Harris. Lowes here I come!

    • Dennis Fajardo

      He sounds gay as fuck

  • pepsi

    I knew it was Josh Lucas. I’d know him anywhere. Excellent VO. Love the Sweet Home (Depot) Alabama reference.

  • Mary C.

    I don’t know why some people are annoyed by Josh Lucas. I think he has a great voice and I’ve liked much of the work he’s done on TV and in movies. Thank you AdWhoIs for identifying him. Keep up the good work.

  • Shala Monet

    Amazing voice!

    • lime ginger

      femmy weird lispy voice

  • Sexynred

    God his voice is sexy mmm hmmm haha

    • pinkchef369

      I AGREE!!!! I thought the voice belonged to Chef Curtis Stone. Thanks!

    • American GunNut

      Gay-voice, complete with lisp, is sexy?

  • Sherri Mitchell Spina

    I just watched it again because I thought it was Josh Lucas. Love his voice. I had to google it and see if I was right! Love him!!

  • mel

    It’s so funny to see just how jealous men can be. I say get over it. His voice is great. Just because a few jealous men want to say different isn’t going to change it. This is too funny. Men!

    • PaulyG4

      Jealous? Of some random dude’s voice? Is that even a thing? How does that even make sense? This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

    • American GunNut

      His voice is not great. I had no idea who this gay sounding idiot was until I got sooo tired of hearing his stupid voice in Home Depot ads that I looked him up, to see which guy he is married to. His voice is annoying, the music is annoying, the entire ad campaign is annoying.

  • abhardy

    Love Love Love his voice! I recognized him immediately!

  • Lola Stefani

    OMG! I’d do anything with this man. Every time an ad airs it stops me cold. Sexy and so matter of fact….. He can have my entire fortune for just one night hahahahahaha!

  • Gerald Goldhaber

    Thanks for reminding me that it is Josh Lucas’ voice. He is terrific and I enjoyed him in The Firm and now in The Mysteries of Laura…He really makes you want to go to Home Depot and get it done….Great job!

  • Mary J.

    Josh Lucas VO? I can not hit the mute button fast enough! When I can not reach the remote I repeatedly sing “Lalalalala I can’t hear you.”

  • Kansas_City_Kitty

    annoying….nuff’ said

  • Andrew

    It is not the VO that bothers me. The way the commercial is in general is just so irritating. Using words like lets, us, and we. Home Depot is not going to my house and “do this”. It is the most annoying commercial I have ever heard in my life. Let’s not forget the annoying music that is playing in the background. Whenever I here this commercial on the radio, I switch stations. On TV, mute!! I suppose this commercial comes of pretentious and trying to hard to be “now” and “cool”. Newsflash, not cool now nor never.

  • Nate Hammond

    Boycotting Home Depot until this guy is Gone or gets rid of the lisp. “Let’s do this”… sounds like he’s about to molest a 17 year old boy.

    • Todd

      Yes, because people who lisp molest minors.

  • Todd

    Hard to miss that it’s Josh Lucas, with that noticeable lisp of his. Leth do thith!

    • lime ginger

      I can’t stand the lishtp.

    • Matt

      I absolutely hate his voice! He has the voice of a pedophile! Everyone I know hates the Home Depot commercials! Why don’t they change them?

  • Pat

    Who’s the girl?

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  • American GunNut

    Oh my God I hate this guy’s voice. He sounds super annoying gay. Apparently, he’s allegedly straight in real life. So why use the annoying, stereotypical gay voice in the commerical? OMFG a Home Depot ad with his voice in it just came on TV. NOOOOO!!!!!