Help us pick the week 6 NFL games! [Finished]

Help us pick the Week 5 NFL games

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Good afternoon everyone! Because last week was such a success and the community showed its genius in picking football games (11/15 correct picks); we plan on posting the survey/picks each week from now on.
Use the survey below to submit your picks for this week’s NFL games, and help us correctly pick the week 6 NFL games!






 The picks as chosen by the community:

Colts at. Texans – Colts win by 3pts or more – 100% 

Jaguars at Titans – Any other result –100% X

Steelers at Browns – Browns win by 3pts or more – 60% 

Packers at Dolphins – Packers win by 4 pts or more – 100% X

Patriots at Bills – Patriots win by 4pts or more – 100% 

Bears at Falcons – Any other result – 60% 

Ravens at Buccaneers – Ravens win by at 4pts or more – 100% 

Panthers at Bengals – Any other result – 65% 

Broncos at Jets – Broncos win by 10pts or more – 100% 

Lions at Vikings – Lions win 3pts or more – 100% 

Chargers at Raiders – Chargers win by 8pts or more – 60% X

Redskins at Cardinals – Cardinals win by 4pts or more – 65% 

Cowboys at Seahawks – Seahawks win by 9pts or more – 60% X

Giants at Eagles – Eagles win by 3pts or more – 65% 

49ers at Rams – 49ers win by 4pts or more – 100% 

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