Geico “Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers” Commercial 8

The actors in the Geico “Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers” commercial are:


Kenny Rogers Geico "Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers" commercial


Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers Wiki

Robert R. Shafer Geico "Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers" Commercial


Robert R. Shafer
Robert R. Shafer IMDB

Don Franklin Geico commercial Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers

Photo credit:


Don Franklin
Don Franklin IMDB






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  • Preppie

    There are four actors in the Kenny Rogers geico. Only two are named. Who are the other two actors? And why were they not listed?

    • tenz

      The black guy played in a movie from the late 80s or early 90s as an African, Nigerian maybe, and it was a comedy that I cant remember. He was funny though.

      • Mary K Taylor

        I’m not sure about that, but he was Cmdr Jonathan Ford in Seaquest 2032 (DSV) for pretty much the entire show through the 90’s but he’s been on a zillion things recently. Check his imdb and you might find that movie you are thinking of, but I remember him from DSV and he was on NCIS Los Angeles last year, too.

        • AdWhois

          We’ve added Don Franklin to the cast per your comment and further confirmation.
          Thank you!

    • AdWhois

      Unfortunately there are some actors we can’t readily name, as a result we put the commercials up with the actors we do know of. If we find the names of the other actors of any commercial on the site we always try to add them.

    • Justin Guanzon

      Craig Roberts aka Assjuice Neighbors

  • Staci Swanson Ferrell

    Who are the 2 guys at the beginning of the GEICO commercial in the electronics store?