Geico “Happier than Dracula Volunteering at a Blood Drive” Commercial 5

The actor playing Dracula in the Geico “Happier than Dracula Volunteering at a Blood Drive” commercial is:

Frankie Ray
Frankie Ray

  • VSanity

    Love this commercial.
    Want to see Frankie’s Dracula in more commercials!

    • Frankie Ray

      hay V thanks i have 2 new ones due out any day. Diehard batteries and a new Toyota tacoma national spot. hit up my youtube page there are about 30 funny ones there Drac, Frankie Ray

      • AdWhois

        Hey Frankie,
        We’ll be adding the rest of your commercials in over the next couple weeks, figured we wanted to get the ones airing most frequently up first and well add the others as soon as we can.

        • Frankie Ray

          AdWhois hay thanks so much you guys and gals are Great wonderful site. thanks so much for your support of the commercial actor. Have 2 new ones coming at ya Diehard batteries and Toyota Tacoma. they fit in the above genera its t summer of Halloween characters for me 🙂 im blessed. thank you once again

        • hay Ad folks whats crackin? thought id check back in and see if you had the time to upload the other commercials? people keep asking me why there not here? any whoo I know your busy. thanks for your help FR