• Steve Barker

    Probably a humble, intelligent and maybe even introverted young guy. He is obviously talented, because he takes the obnoxiousness level from 0 to 100 instantly. I like a LOT of Geico’s commercials anyway, but this one has all sorts of stuff going on that makes it a vignette that bears up under more than one viewing. I don’t know if that’s him singing “You Make me Feel so Young” but the person singing it has the same timbre and tone. So, all in all….good job Mr. Barbusca.

  • Zoie

    I like this kid’s voice too….enough to bother googling who this actor was!!

    • samueltx

      same here, never have bothered to figure who someone I did not know was in a commercial, but man, this kid is older. Great job.

  • BiteMyDrawers

    You would think someone at Geico would have bothered to get the lyrics right in the song you make me feel so young. It’s not “you make me feel so spring has sprung”, but “you make me feel LIKE spring has sprung”.

    • Bub

      You should have done a 2 second check yourself…you would see that the commercial is right.

    • Joe Delia
      • xtophr

        There’s another commercial on TV right now with Frank Sinatra’s own voice singing, “You make me feel so spring has sprung”. Now I’m baffled as to the correct lyrics.

        • CRenee

          As though. Not so

    • Eileen Farner Beyer

      I don’t remember what it was…right or wrong…..I just know I hate this ad so much I feel like punching out the the lights of the nasty and rude P.P.

  • Barancy Peloma

    Well, i have already seen the commercial enough times to be sick of it but, tom does a good job of pplaying a kid you just want to strangle.
    So, well done tom.

    • Thomas Massa

      i will go father than that,Geico gave me a cheaper rate,and i didnt change to them.I hate there commercials,and this kid i would like to do a mercy killing on.He is an obnoxious dweeb,and an annoying little shit. It also shows a marked disrespect for older people as well…………………………………oh yea,his voice is like hearing someone scratching there nails on a chalk board,banish him.PLEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe LoPiccolo

    I detest the commercial and the punk
    Peter Pan commercial SO much I will
    NEVER consider purchasing any insurance
    coverage from that abrasive company.

    • Barancy Peloma

      You will purchase insurance with geico today and you will like it!

      • Joe LoPiccolo

        Ja mein Fuhrer, und schnell !

    • Eileen Farner Beyer

      ME TOO!!!

    • WriterLady

      That’s how I feel about Flo! If something ever happens and Progressive somehow becomes the only company offering car insurance, well, I’m going to get REAL skinny because I will be walking everywhere.

  • meangreen1

    This is the only time I ever wanted to give Peter smash across his ginger chin!

  • Benye Lee

    I love that commercial. That kid is fantastic! Lighten up people and get a life!

  • JpR

    I love this commercial Thomas’s portrayal of Peter Pan is what I would invision him to look like. I would love to see holly wood hire him to play Peter Pan in a movie.

    • Thomas Massa

      the way you sound,you might be flying out your open window tonite,,,,,,,,,,,,,weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • vexman

    I am not vexman, but his wife(disclosure). I generally can not stand commercials, but this one I really like because he is convincing as an innocent, annoying kid…just as Peter Pan was, fresh and irreverent.

  • Diogenes

    One bit of subtle humor is that most folks are only 68 at their 50th HS reunion. So little Pete is really being snarky.

    • FairySac

      If someone is being snarky or just in general conversation, isn’t going to say 68 or 67-1/2. They would say a number that is easier to say and rounded up, like 70. And there is no time stamp on this commercial. It could have been made two years ago, or it can be run five years from now. They are just trying to show that a long period of time has elapsed since they were in high school, and the present. And Peter doesn’t even look like he is high school age. He looks like an 8th grader, not a high school senior. Am I right?

      • Old timer

        The sign at the reunion says Class of 1965. So it would be the 50th reunion. So in addition to commenting on her age, he makes her older than she really. Try telling my 58 year old wife that she doesn’t look a day over 60.

        • Eileen Farner Beyer

          By your calculation a person graduating from high school would be 15 years old …..in actuality one would be 17 or 18 when graduating making the woman 67 or 68 at the 50 year reunion.

          • WriterLady

            Where did he say anything about someone being 15 when graduating from high school?

          • WriterLady

            Where did he say anything about someone being 15 when graduating from high school?

    • Cara Kashmer

      Peter Pan is somewhere between 6 and 12 in the various versions of the story. He stopped aging when he ran away to Never Land. So, how does a child of that age graduate HS?

      • Well time doesn’t stop. He stopped aging but he still went on with life, right?

        • Cara Kashmer

          Peter stops aging only when in Never Land. When he returns to the real world he grows old normally. The same is true for the Lost Boys, and everyone else.

      • DepthTested

        Wow! Do you overthink everything this much?

  • Mister Right

    That kid does such a great job being annoying, that laugh after the low 5 is classic!! Don’t grow up Tommy Pan!

  • Rosa Carrillo

    I love this commercial, it is the BEST commercial ever. Every time it comes on I have to stop what I’m doing to go see it! That Boy is Awesome! Bill & Jo-Ann are just good actors in that commercial. Jo-Ann’s reaction is Awesome!

  • Carol Henning

    Bill and Joann are they the original actors in Peter Pan?

  • greg errautt

    Admittedly, most of the Geico commercials are “corny-funny”. You either (kinda’, sorta’, in a weird way) look forward to seeing the new ones, OR,…you’re ready to change the channel the second it/they pop up on the tube. Nevertheless,…save, the cavemen & gecko commercials, I, in a weird way, like ’em! And specifically, Thomas Barbusca (aka Peter Pan) did a TERRIFIC JOB on this one!! And,…the supporting cast did good in their roles, too.

  • radioman1976

    “You don’t look a day over 70, am I right?” Lol! That expression on “Joanne’s face.” Priceless!

  • Robert

    What a annoying commercial. The little kid is hard to watch. Geico lately has been making some REAL annoying commercials. Please just stop it.

  • Ken Laudan

    Love the commercial. One of my favorite of all-time. Great copy and outstanding casting.

  • Gale Hamby

    Just a really great ad. As Steve Barker said this kid takes obnoxiousness to a 100 level in one second. I like most of Geico’s commercials. Roaming chickens! Just a great ad! So much better than Progressive’s. This kid has a great sense of timing as well as a future as a comedic actor.

  • Mike R.

    this kids a winner,game changer would love have him on my team.

  • If making me hate him for his obnoxiousness is any measure, this young actor is gold. Great job! Kudos.

  • John Hardin

    I never have been much on commercials but this one is really awesome. Geico hit a grand slam with this one and the actors are great !

  • SkivMarine

    He’s got to be an excellent actor. His portrayal of an annoying Peter Pan is really, REALLY annoying. And I mean that as a compliment to the young man. He has hit the character directly on the head, and made him a perfect snot! It’s a great piece of acting!
    I see great things for young Mr Barbusca.

  • Eileen Farner Beyer

    I absolutely hate this ad and when it comes on I switch the channel or mute the sound…..hate it with a passion. There was a move on the other day and one of the kid actors looked like “Peter Pan” in the commercial and I refused to watch the movie.

  • JoAnn

    Philll! And JoAnn?… is that you? Hahaha This commercial is so funny, it brings me so much joy, I’ve seen a ton of commercials, most of them are about medicine that may kill you, cars that no one can afford, some are sickening.. some are useless, and most really shouldn’t be on tv. But this one is very entertaining. All these people who are offended and that analyze the story line are ridiculous, I wish there were more like this commercial. Well done!

    • robert b

      Hahaha I totally agree, it’s a great commercial, I laugh so hard every time I see it. Why are people are so offended? I don’t get it, I think people need to get over themselves.

  • Tom O’Donnell

    This little annoying pain in the ass Peter Pan makes me want to run right out and buy GEICO insurance