Forza Horizon 4 Treasure Map (Bonus Boards) – Xbox One 9

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Hey Everyone,

It’s that time again where there’s a brand new Forza Horizon game. Like I always do, I’m uploading the treasure map here for anyone who’s interested πŸ™‚

I’ve only dropped about 6 hours into the game so far but I’m really loving it, winter is my favorite season I think, but I was also pounding around in a Unimog so that might have been a factor of why I loved winter most. I’ll be posting my full review soon but I wanted to get this out to you all so you could smash these boards over the weekend. There are two types of board “Influence” and “Fast Travel”. There are 200 boards total and 50 of them are fast travel boards. I always try to go for these first since this is a huge map and fast travel makes campaign mode run a lot quicker when you’re just trying to level up. Some of them are in tunnels, on roofs and in barns, so if you go to a spot on the map and don’t see the board right away, just channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Because the map is so large I had to screenshot ten times to compile this image, by the time my screenshots had been uploaded to one drive the seasons had changed and I realized that I was missing a tiny slice of the left side of the map. I waited until spring to retake the shot but you can obviously notice the difference, purely cosmetic for that one, though during winter you can actually drive on some of the lakes that have frozen over. What a game! (Adding a link to external hosting since the traffic on this might be crashing the image hosted here) Forza Horizon 4 Treasure Map Bonus Boards
Click the image to enlarge and/or download.

I’ll be posting another map with the player houses and beauty spots shortly, I figured that those were a little less important. By the way, if you have VIP, you’ll start the game with the standard free house and then a VIP free house on the lake that costs 5 million credits to everyone else. It’s hard to tell what other perks I’ve gotten from VIP vs being a Forza Rewards veteran but I can tell you that once I finished with the intro-portion I had dozens of wheel spins and super-wheel spins as well as a bunch of cars.

It’s not to late to enjoy the festivities. Forza Horizon 4 is on sale now Horizon 4 on Amazon-Β grab the Ultimate edition if you want VIP, both expansions (not yet announced) and all the car packs (including classic James Bond cars!)

Hope to see you in Great Britain!

GT: VanquishedAgain

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  • Israel S. Haas

    “It’s hard to tell what other perks I’ve gotten from VIP”
    The main thing is the double credits after EVERY event you finish.
    Some people said that VIP’s will get 1 Super Wheel Spin every week.
    Thanks for the map also πŸ™‚ (will not use it anyway cause the treasure map is worth every single penny).

    • AdWhois

      Agree, treasure map is 3 bucks. Totally worth it! Vip also got that free 5 million credit house. I agree though, hard to tell what came from being a forza veteran and what came from vip

      • Israel S. Haas

        I’ve got a message with a big “Thank you” from T10/PG and a list of cars/clothes based on my “veteran level”. Got a Raptor from playing Horizon 2 haha

        • AdWhois

          Really? When did you get it?

          • Israel S. Haas

            The second time I’ve opened the game I think (already in the summer-server-side and after buying the lake house).
            It’s kinda glitchy, because I’ve only got the message about the Drift Car Pack/007 Car Pack after 8 or more hours of gameplay.
            I’m expecting a big patch soon, because there’s a lot of bugs with car sounds and game crashing from time to time (playing in performance mode).

          • AdWhois

            Dang really? I’ve played every forza, don’t recall getting a message about special rewards, I had just thought they were baked in πŸ™ I’m even tier 10 in forza rewards

          • Israel S. Haas

            Check your clothes:
            – Forza 5
            – FH2
            – FH3
            – Forza 6
            – Forza 7

            – Ford Raptor
            – I really don’t remember πŸ™

          • AdWhois

            Oh yea. Thanks for the reminder. I have all the shirts so I must’ve have gotten all the free stuff!

          • AdWhois

            And I too have had the sound issue. Car just stays at the Rev limiter audio for 30 seconds