Forza Horizon 3 Trailer from E3 – 2016 2

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Hey Everyone,

I figured I’d share this awesome, amazing, stunning Forza Horizon 3 trailer from 2016’s E3 Expo. Watch it below and let it consume you.


The game will be released on September 27th, 2016 on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Pre-order Forza Horizon 3 on Amazon: and if you have prime you get a 20% discount!

If you were wondering what the awesome song in the trailer is, it’s called “Wicked Game” by Ursine Vulpine (feat. Annaca):

What a trailer. WHAT. A. TRAILER!

What do you think?
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  • VSanity

    I can’t wait for this game!

  • Still get shivers when I watch this trailer.