Forza Horizon 3 Bonus Board and Fast Travel Sign Locations

** For the Blizzard Mountain bonus board locations click here! **

** For the Hot Wheels bonus board locations click here!**

Hey Everyone,

I’ve gone through and found all the bonus boards and fast travel signs in Forza Horizon 3. See the map below:

Forza Horizon 3 Bonus Board map

Click image to view full resolution (5.34MB) image.

There are 4 unique bonus boards that you probably won’t encounter in your daily driving. 2 boards I’ve outlined in yellow, these are both in the 12 Apostles portion of the map and you need to jump to them from the mainland. 1 board is outlined in red, this one is towards the center top section of the map and is located underground in the railroad tunnel. Finally, I’ve outlined one board in green, this board is located on an island and you need to drive over to it at a special crossing point (I marked a green line at the point). I suggest getting the fast travel boards first and then fast traveling to the other boards. The fast travel boards are extremely helpful as it costs $10,000 to fast travel to start and each of the fifty fast travel boards reduce this cost by $200.

Hope you enjoy the game and hope this map helps 🙂

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