Forza 6 Rewards Information

Hey Everyone,

Figured I’d post a quick reference for Forza 6 Rewards (What gets you the points and how many). I’ve added screenshots below, this information is available to anyone but you need to login to your rewards account to get it so I figured I’d just pop up a quick reference for people in a hurry.

Forza 6 Rewards Details:

Forza 6 Rewards Breakdown


Forza 6 Rewards Totals:

Forza 6 Rewards Points totals


The only paid DLC I actually have for the game is VIP, not sure if the 10 year car pack that came with the game counts as “Paid DLC” or if the rewarded cars from being a certain Rewards Tier count but as far as purchased DLC I only have the $20 VIP add-on.

It may be a result of the game still being new and it having to update many profiles but the rewards have not been updating stats within 24 hours like they used to it’s been a couple days since my rewards stats have seen an update.

Forza Rewards are a great way to get a leg-up on the competition, if you haven’t yet signed up for them I would do so immediately from Forza Hub or the Forza Rewards Website so you can start collecting your credits. Forza Rewards are now available weekly and Tier 8 players receive 400,000 in game credits each week and its a good way to see your Forza loyalty pay off.

Breakdown in text form:

50 Badges Unlocked = 350pts

50 Days Played (days logged in, not 50 days worth of playing time) = 500pts

1,000 Gamerscore = 500 pts

5 DLC Purchases = 150 pts

30 Showcases Completed = 250 pts

50 Cars Owned = 250 pts

Driver Level 100 Reached = 350 pts

2,000 Miles Driven = 350 pts

50 Perfect Passes = 50 pts

50 Unique Mods Used = 250 pts

Total Rewards Points to be earned from FM6 = 3,000

Hope it helps!