Food Lion “Talking Lion” Commercials 6

The actor providing the voice of the talking lion in the Food Lion commercials is:

Steve Tom Food Lion Talking Lion Commercials
Steve Tom
Steve Tom IMDB





The female fan in this commercial is played by:
Hallie Cooper Food Lion Commercials
Hallie Cooper
Hallie Cooper IMDB






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  • Kazma

    what is the name of the actor who brought the chicken wing?

  • Ray Jacobs

    The lion is well animated, and convincing. The voice to me is completely wrong. It is a polarizing announcer voice, and has no interesting character. It seems the agency or whoever created this campaign wanted to create a lion that had leadership qualities, instead of a lion that is sympathetic and doesn’t know its own power. I would have cast Jon Lovitz, or a voice that would have brought more warmth and fun to the campaign. So close to being good and the wrong decision was made. Also, “That’s just my two cents”. Really? Why is that line supposed to resonate with cleverness or emotion? It doesn’t, it just lies there flat and lifeless, with the viewer trying to figure out what it means. I’ve been in the advertising arena for over 45 years, and I still can’t figure out why these spots should end with the same line that does nothing, except provide a question mark of “why?”. I could take this campaign and improve it probably 60%, make it likeable, more interesting, friendlier, and stronger. Why don’t you follow through and bring out a lion at each of your locations, make a day out of it with a photo, and a BBQ? Give the proceeds to a zoo or wildlife fund to protect lions in the wild.
    Ray Jacobs
    Savannah, Ga
    Hall of Fame, Promax/BDA Worldwide

  • AdWhois

    Wow! I guess it’s because this commercial doesn’t air everywhere that I’m surprised but this is a very popular commercial! 62 “Love it” votes! And that’s the new voting system. Good work Food Lion, and all the actors who made this so!

  • Ken Bradford

    Is the lion photoshopped, at least sometimes?

  • Frank Wright

    Sorry Ray Jacobs, but I love the sign off tag “That is just my two cents!” I thought it was clever and memorable. How serious can it be… it is a talking lion. It made me chuckle and repeat the line all week. And best of all, for those advertising agencies, I remembered to product they were advertising. I notice that on the last several ads that the tag was removed. Hey account execs, re-pitch the closing… that is just my two cents.

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