Dodge Commercials “Brotherhood of Muscle” from 2017 1

The actor providing the voice over in the Dodge commercials “Brotherhood of Muscle” from 2017 is:

Vin Diesel Dodge Commercial "Brotherhood of Muscle" from 2017


Vin Diesel
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Vin Diesel is a movie star, best known for his starring role in the Fast and Furious franchise where he plays “Dominic Toretto”. Throughout the franchise (which is heavily involved with fast cars and racing), Vin Diesel’s character is a fan of Dodge muscle cars such as the Charger and Challenger. This tie in with Dodge is the main reason why Vin Diesel was chosen for this commercial series (he also says he likes Dodge cars). This video was taken during the 2018 Dodge Demon reveal at the New York Auto Show, at which Vin Diesel made an appearance. Perhaps not by coincidence, the 8th installment of the Fast and Furious franchise The Fate of the Furious opens this Friday in the United States.

Apart from playing Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious movies, Vin Diesel is also known for portraying “Xander Cage” in the xXx franchise as well as “Riddick” in the Chronicles of Riddick and “Groot” in The Guardians of The Galaxy.


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