Delta Commercial “No Bag Left Behind” 6

The actor providing the voice over in the Delta commercial “No Bag Left Behind” is:

Donald Sutherland Delta Commercial "No Bag Left Behind" Voice over

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Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland IMDB


Julia Ebner Delta Commercial "No Bag Left Behind:

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Julia M. Ebner
Julia Ebner IMDB





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  • VSanity

    I love this ad. Funny (and true) how people can get attached to inanimate objects

  • Lady-Tam Powers

    That is the cutest commercial I got to know who makes that bag I want one!

    • AdWhois

      But think of how sad you’d be if it got lost!

    • Black750Li

      My niece wants one too, but I’m having no luck finding them. I emailed Delta, but really don’t expect a response.

      • Black750Li

        UPDATE: Delta got back to me. The bag was custom made for the commercial. Its not available for sale. 🙁

        • AdWhois

          That’s too bad. At least they got back to you! (kinda surprised). Maybe Delta should commission these be made for the public, seems like there would be demand