Comcast Business “Check Your Speed” Commercial 2

The actor in the Comcast Business “Check Your Speed” commercial is:

Titus Welliver Comcast Business "Check Your Speed" Commercials


Titus Welliver
Titus Welliver IMDB





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  • Paul Kopco

    Titus Welliver played Silas Adams on Deadwood (named by David Milch after the Adams Museum in Dedwood which my wife ran for 20 years) and will play Harry Bosch on the Amazon series of the same name, debuting in early 2015. He is amazing.

  • shuttlecocker

    This Titus Welliver sounds a lot like Mike Rowe previously of ‘Dirty Jobs’and now of ‘Somebody’s gotta do it.’ I think, don’t you?
    I know, he sounds exactly like Titus Welliver, but he also sounds like MR.