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Who does the voice over in the Ford “Go Further” Commercials?

Ford "Go Further" Commercials Ford Fusion 360 degrees of chaos


Hi Everyone,

We received a request from Sharon on our Facebook page, wanting to know who is the actress providing the voice over for the new Ford “Go Further” commercials. Specifically, the commercials are for a Ford Escape and Ford Fusion.



Here are two of the commercials in question:

If you’ve got any information on who does the voice over we would all REALLY appreciate it. Been trying to figure this one out for some time now.


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Who provides the voice of the lion in the Food Lion commercials? [Solved]

Food Lion commercial lion voice hallie cooper



Hi Everyone,
We’ve received a request for the name actor providing the voice of the lion in the Food Lion commercials:


We’ve been digging but so far haven’t been able to get an answer. If you know who the actor is (or if you are the actor *wink wink*) let us know in the comments so we can verify it and get it added to the site.

We’ll be adding the commercial to the database anyways to add Hallie Cooper, who plays one of the fans in this commercial but it would be great to have the cast list more complete.


Click here to find out who provides the voice of the lion: http://wp.me/p47ajU-Z3E

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Who is the actor in the Esurance 2014 – “Larry” Commercials [Solved]

Hi everyone,
From multiple requests we are wondering who is the actor in the Esurance “Larry” Commercials from 2014:

Larry Esurance Actor 2014 commercial



He looks very familiar, we’re working to find out but if anyone knows and would like to share we’d greatly appreciate it!




EDIT: This request has been solved. You may find the added commercial here: http://adwhois.com/esurance-larry-commercials/

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Who is the actor in the Nokia Lumia 1020 “School Play” Commercial


From Andrea:

“I recognize the guy with the windows Nokia Phone…. but I can’t be sure…. Is it Tom Riley? or just some one similar?

Thanks for the help!”

Does anyone know who the actor in the Nokia Lumia 1020 “School Play” Commercial is?

The actors are:

Tom Murphy; Robin Long; Lauren Johnson; Carrie Barrett; Demetri Belardinelli; Craig Frank; Sky Elobar; Kristin Malko; Scott Freeburg; Chris Chauncey; Eden Malyn; Andrew Patrick Ralston; Beverly Leech; Carol Weiss

Burger King Salad Wrap Commercial “You had me at Burger King”

From Johnny V:

“I was wondering who the actress in this new Burger King Salad Wrap commercial is?”

If anyone knows who this actress is, feel free to comment!

Chevrolet Malibu Eco “Airport Run” Commercial

From Stephanie:

“Who is the actor (driver) in the Chevy Malibu Eco “hippie talk” commercial?”


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