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Dr. Pepper Ten “Bold Country” – Mountain Man Commercials

The actor in the Dr. Pepper Ten Mountain Man “Bold Country” commercials is:

Blake Gibbons Dr. Pepper Ten Commercial Mountain Man
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons IMDB





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Buffalo Wild Wings “The Coach” Commercials

The actor playing “The Coach” in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercials from 2013 and 2014 is:

Richard Portnow Buffalo Wild Wings "The Coach" Commercials


Richard Portnow
Richard Portnow IMDB


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Carrabba’s “Italian Comfort Food” Commercials

The actor providing the voice over in the Carrabba’s “Italian Comfort Food” commercials is:

Paul Guyet Carrabba's "Italian Comfort Food Commercials
Paul Guyet
Paul Guyet IMDB

Paul also provides the voice over work for the Lenscrafters and Zantac commercials.





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Amica “Measurements” Commercial

The actors in the Amica “Measurements” commercial are:

Hallie Cooper Amica "Measurements" commercial
Hallie Cooper

Hallie Cooper IMDB

Andrew Delman Amica "Measurements" Commercial


Andrew Delman
Andrew Delman IMDB





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Johnnie Walker Black/Red Label Whiskey Commercials

The actress in the Johnnie Walker commercials for Black and Red Label Whiskey is:

Christina Hendricks Johnnie Walker Commercials
Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks IMDB





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Lifelock Commercials “Do your thing”

The actor providing the voice over in the Lifelock commercials is:

Rob Riggle Lifelock Commercials Do your thing
Rob Riggle
Rob Riggle IMDB

Rob Riggle is an actor and comedian who has appeared in popular many movies and TV shows. His credits include The Hangover, 21 Jump StreetThe Other Guys and The Daily Show with Jon StewartRiggle is also starring in the Ford Fusion “Nearly Double” commercials that first aired during the Superbowl.



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