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Food Lion “Talking Lion” Commercials

The actor providing the voice of the talking lion in the Food Lion commercials is:

Steve Tom Food Lion Talking Lion Commercials
Steve Tom
Steve Tom IMDB





The female fan in this commercial is played by:
Hallie Cooper Food Lion Commercials
Hallie Cooper
Hallie Cooper IMDB






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Jim Beam Commercials

The actress in the Jim Beam commercials is:

Mila Kunis Jim Beam Commercials actress headshot


Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis IMDB

Mila Kunis is a popular television and movie star most known for her roles as Jackie on That 70’s Show and as the voice of Meg on Family Guy. Recently Mila starred in the movie Ted along side Mark Whalbergh and Seth McFarlane as well as the movie Oz the Great and Powerful.




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Esurance “Larry” Commercials

The actor playing “Larry” in the recent Esurance commercials is:

Lorenzo Clemons Esurance Larry Commercials
Lorenzo Clemons
Lorenzo Clemons IMDB





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Guaranteed Rate “Get Down With Us” Commercials

The actor in the Guaranteed Rate “Get Down With Us” commercials is:

Ty Pennington Guaranteed Rate "Get Down With Us" Commercials


Ty Pennington
Ty Pennington IMDB

Pennington is a television personality most known for his television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, as well as Trading Spaces.  In addition to his two television series Ty has also been made guest appearances on many talk shows providing his expertise to the masses.



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Miller Fortune “Authorized” Commercial

The actor in the Miller Fortune “Authorized” beer commercial is:

Mark Strong miller fortune commercial actor


Mark Strong
Mark Strong IMDB






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Mercedes-Benz Commercials from 2013 and 2014

The actor providing the voice over in the Mercedes-Benz commercials from 2013 and 2014 is:

Jon Hamm 2014 Mercedes-Benz Commercials
Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm IMDB

Jon Hamm is currently starring on the hit AMC television series Mad Men. In addition to Mad Men Jon has also appeared in many films and different television series such as The Town, Bridesmaids, Archer and 30 Rock. Jon Hamm has provided the voice over for Mercedes-Benz for several years, he also provides the voice for the American Airlines commercials.
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