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Geico “Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers” Commercial

The actors in the Geico “Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers” commercial are:


Kenny Rogers Geico "Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers" commercial


Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers Wiki

Robert R. Shafer Geico "Playing Cards with Kenny Rogers" Commercial


Robert R. Shafer
Robert R. Shafer IMDB





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Verizon FiOS Quantum Commercial “Why Not?” (Uncle Craig)

The actors in the Verizon FiOS Quantum commercial “Why Not?” are:


Craig Robinson Verizon FiOS Quantum commercial "Why Not?"


Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson IMDB

Edan Alexander Verizon Fios "Why Not" commercial (Uncle Craig)


Edan Alexander
Edan Alexander IMDB




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Berocca Commercial “Mind and Body” from 2014

The actor in the Berocca commercial “Mind and Body” is:


Joel McHale Berocca Commercial "Mind and Body"


Joel McHale
Joel McHale IMDB

Kali Muscle Berocca Commercial "Mind and Body" actor


Kali Muscle
Kali Muscle IMDB





The song featured in this commercial is “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project: Listen on Youtube


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Speedcounts.com Commercial

The actor in the Speedcounts.com commercial is:
Speedcounts.com commercial actor


John O'Hurley Speedcounts.com commercial actor


John O’Hurley
John O’Hurley IMDB





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American Express Commercials “Security” From 2014

The actress providing the voice over in the 2014 American Express commercials “Security” is:


Claire Danes American Express commercials Security from 2014


Claire Danes
Claire Danes IMDB





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Gold Peak Tea Commercials “Taste that brings you home” – 2014

The actor providing the voice over in the Gold Peak Tea commercials “Taste that brings you home” from 2014 is:



Ron Howard Gold Peak Tea commercials voiceover


Ron Howard
Rob Howard IMDB





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