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Here you will find actor information based on commercials

Holiday Scammers Commercial – AARP Fraud Watch

The actor in the AARP Fraud Watch – Holiday Scammers Commercial is:


James M. Connor AARP Fraud Watch Holiday Scammers commercial

Photo credit: IMDB.com


James M. Connor
James M. Connor’s IMDB






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Mega-T Commercial from 2014

The actress in the Mega-T commercial from 2014 is:


Erica Kendee Mega-T Commercial actress from 2014

Photo credit: EricaKendee.com


Erica Kendee
Erica Kendee’s Website






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Armani Code Commercial from 2014

The actor in the Armani Code commercial from 2014 is:

Chris Pine Armani Code commercial

Photo credit: Fanpop.com


Chris Pine
Chris Pine’s IMDB






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Mucinex Commercials “Mr. Mucus” from 2014

The actor providing the voiceover in the Mucinex commercials “Mr. Mucus” from 2014 is:


TJ Miller Mucinex commercial Mr Mucus from 2014

Photo credit: IMDB.com


TJ Miller
TJ Miller’s IMDB







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Old Navy Commercial “Turpigen”

The actress in the Old Navy commercial “Turpigen” is:


Julie Louis-Dreyfus Old Navy commercial

photo credit: IMDB.com


Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Julia’s IMDB page






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Straight Talk Commercials

The actor in the Straight Talk commercials (Straight Talk Wireless) is:


Charles Parnell Straight Talk Commercial Straight Talk Wireless

Photo credit: IMDB.com


Charles Parnell
Charles Parnell’s IMDB






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