Barnes & Noble “Happy Holidays 2013” Commercial 6

The actor in the Barnes & Noble “Happy Holidays 2013” commercial is:

Jack McBrayer Barnes & Noble
Jack McBrayer
Jack McBrayer IMDB






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  • j

    Why does this commercial only suggest gifts for males. What is the message behind the message?

    • Brita Dallmann

      Girls shouldn’t read. They belong in the kitchen.

  • Mark

    Is this commercial targeting queers?

  • S

    I totally agree with Mark. Why DOES this commercial only suggest gifts for males?? There is nothing about that commercial that makes me, a male, want to shop there. Annoying!

  • arlene griffin

    Going to other sites, I thought it was just me, but it is like barnes & noble is saying if you are not a gay male, don’t shop with us

  • Erin

    I found this forum because I was wondering the same thing…ridiculous!