Audi A7 Commercial “Night Watchman” from 2018 1

The actor in the Audi A7 commercial “Night Watchman” from 2018 is:

Toby Huss Audi A7 commercial "Night Watchman" from 2018


Toby Huss

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Toby is an actor, singer and writer known for his work on television series such as Halt and Catch Fire and Reno 911. Toby has also appeared in many movies such as Down Periscope where he played “Nitro”, the not-all-there and often electrocuted (yet very capable) electrician aboard the Stingray. Toby is also very well-known for his voice over work, as he has one of the most identifiable voices in the business right now. In Bob’s Burgers he guest starred as armed robber with a great singing voice. Perhaps Toby’s most well-known character is one that I never would have guessed was him… Toby has been the voice of “Kahn Souphanousinphone” for more than a decade on the hit animated series King of the Hill, as well as the voice of Hank’s father “Cotton Hill”. Toby is the star in Audi’s new A7 commercial “Night Watchman” which premiered during the first Thursday Night Football game on NBC in the 2018 NFL season.

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  • Mtheumer

    Lost $20 because I though Toby was Denis O’Hare. Oh well LOL!