Arby’s Commercials “We Have the Meats” 72

The actor doing the voice over in the Arby’s commercials “We Have the Meats” is:


Ving Rhames Arby's Commercials Mega-Meat this is Meatcraft "We Have the meats"

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Ving Rhames
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  • tiffany green

    That is awesome that they got ving Rhames to do the Arby’s commercials love that man whooohooo!!!!!!

  • Jean Max

    This guy overdoes with that deep tank voice it is very annoying…

    • D. T.

      Your post is annoying.

  • H Solis

    Beyond annoying! His James Earl Jones wannabe sounding voice gets under my skin so badly that I want to boycott Arby’s altogether.

    • paul81

      came to say this. Had no idea it was Ving Rhames though

    • julius77

      Mines too, I tend to run whenever that commercial comes on my TV, or I immediately switch the channel. The weather channel ran a 2 hour show using this guy as a voice-over. I don’t remember what the show was about, because I refused to watch it. 2 hours of that and I would probably have to go on some type of medication.

      • Ruffplaya

        julius Mines too? Really? How are you going to criticize anyone wit dat good anglish of yourz! Lol

      • MrMurph

        How ’bout you just run—far, far away. No one will notice, no one will care.

    • David Rumbaugh

      I have boycotted Arby’s for this commercial.

    • John Mooter

      I do boycott Arbys, as a health conscious plant based eater. This is garbage.

      • MrMurph

        You boycotted brains as well, I see.

        • MrMurphsSluttyMom

          Are you really going through comments that are at least a year old just to insult people? You’re such a pussy, lol. I guess after losing every physical fight you’ve ever been in, you have to resort to bashing random people online that can’t find you, haha.

    • MrMurph

      Kinda like your whiney post. Annoying.

  • Ryan Jefferson

    Love the voice and the music to the commercial

  • Innaunnakki

    The actor’s arms and hands are so fukkin sexy. <3

  • Leona Bryson

    How can anyone not LOVE Ving Rhames’ voice. It’s just a commercial but it sounds as if he is giving his all. I love Arby’s. I LOVE VING RHAMES MORE. Just thinking of his voice as he is doing sexy things to me. Mmmm……

    • EmoKidSid

      Yelling furiously and obsessively about bacon turns you on? Whatever floats your boat, yo.

  • R.fischel

    The voice is not only annoying, but sounds so ANGRY! I haven’t been to Arbys since hearing this commercial. I hate it!!!!

    • MrMurph

      They haven’t missed you. No one misses irrelevant whiners.

  • EmoKidSid

    I hate these ads. With a passion. With my entire body and soul. It’s a damn disgusting sandwich. Calm the hell down.

    • MrMurph

      I hate your post. With a passion.With my entire body and soul. You’re a damn disgusting excuse for a human.
      Calm the hell down.

  • keepITreal

    I would’ve never guessed Ving Rhames, but when I clicked on the ad above, I could hear him in it. All this time I never knew.

    For those of you complaining, what do you want, some wimpy, school boy with a tiny voice…we got the meats! Someone tiny probably couldn’t even finish one sandwich. Or do you want some woman saying it…and half singing it? Come on. Quit hating.

    I love it! Ving Rhames has a good voice for it. WE GOT THE MEATS!!!

    • Sarah

      The deep voice is fine, but there are at least two of their commercials where he is shouting through the TV. That’s not needed, you can say the lines passionately without shouting and sounding like a crazy person.

      • Spook89

        Doesn’t your TV have a volume control? A channel selector, perhaps? The commercial is supposed to sound comical. Lighten up, people. it’s just a commercial.



        • Sarah

          How so? Everything in my post stands. You can be passionate and say the lines strongly without shouting through the TV.

          • MrMurph

            Nothing in your post stands. You have problems. See someone for those.

          • Sarah

            Yeah, I have problems for finding some guy shouting about sandwiches off-putting.

            Use some finesse and flair in your advertising, don’t resort to trying to be the loudest or flashiest, because it shows when you lack substance.

          • Jim Ressel

            get a life that’s what makes the ad

          • Sarah

            That’s what makes it annoying. And a turn off


    i was trying to figure it out too yo word up its kinda funny

  • Sandra

    Love his voice. Makes me want to buy the meats at Arby’s.

  • Jay Romig

    I figured it was Ving

  • k.r.qunyungham

    Regardless, the ad serves its purpose. The product is identified by name and what’s being offered. You’d need a MAJOR dislike for the ad to be considered offensive and disappear (though it still will have accomplished its purpose). Actually, does anybody really pay all that close attention to ads? Lives needed all around I say.

  • Robin Ford

    I like the commercials and love Arby’s sandwiches

  • duhseemsobvious

    The only commercials worse than these we have the meats commercials are the gillette razor commercials where the guy pops out of the wall in the bathroom. They are annoying and angry. The don’t make we want to go there for their sandwiches which are actually pretty good. Time to change their advertising agency.

  • Teresa

    I love love love the commercials and his voice, makes me smile

  • Nicole

    Love it

  • GrimeyDog

    Haters!!! it woulda been Better if they used Phil Collins or Micheal Mcdonald Right….LMAO FOH!!! Yall Know who Has the “MEATS”

  • Thom Rasmussen

    Irving Rhames, what an incredible talent. I love this guy.

  • George Schreiner

    Awesome. JEJ sound alike is absolutely spot on for these commercials… Keep ’em coming!


      They don’t really sound alike,except for the fact that they both have deep voices.I do agree…Ving is spot on for these ads.

  • Joyce C

    I love the new Arby’s commercials…specifically for Ving Rhames’ voice. Love, love, love!

  • Sara Bloom

    Ving Rhames. Yay! Love his voice.

  • James McCormick

    I’m sure he’s doing what the director asked for so if u think it’s too over the top it’s his fault. It’s clear they wanted to be bombastic. I think it’s funny.

  • Big Hurt

    Why do they make the black guy sound all hyper and coonish over some fuckin bacon ?? It’s another stereotype commercial to make a black person sound like he’s doing a commercial for watermelon and chicken wings ! I’m really surprised that Ving would sign on to do some shit like that !

  • TOMD

    i thought it was geoffry holder.

  • blooter49

    Ving Rhames!!!!! One of my favorites. Highly underrated actor in Hollywood. So many parts this guy should be cast for and I want to see him given the opportunity play the main role in some serious films. His character potential improves as he gets older.

    • Spook89

      WORD!! I hate it when actors get pigeon-holed in a certain type of role. I’m glad he isn’t limiting himself. The jealousy demonstrated by haters on this thread is disappointing.

  • 47hudson

    For all you haters, I had no idea who’s voice it was till I looked it up. That voice is so good I want to get Arby’s. That voice is soooo sexy.

    • Adhater

      Only a DUMB ASS likes intentionally irritating commercials. Insult intended!

      • MrMurph

        Only a DUMBASS writes such drivel as your post and has such an irrelevant, childish screen-name. Congratulations!

  • mwright286

    “We have the meats!”

  • Anthony Purchas

    I thought it was Cedric The Entertainer

  • Kim Brown

    Nothing against the man, but these Arby’s commercials are just as annoying as that screaming rat that Quiznos used.

  • Christian

    Of course, people dont want to say anything offensive about a black celebrity, so I will (Im not from northern California. I say how I really feel). His voice is beyond annoying. How can I not love his voice? Um, because its spastic and inappropriately overbearing for something as boring as a mediocre sandwich, which most people in America will never even try.

  • Allen

    I just knew it was Windell Middlebrooks. Would’ve never guessed Ving Rhames!

  • Don Goosman

    Love it … Arby’s commercials with him give me the chance to hit the mute button or in more cases switch channels

  • nuffsaid

    I thought it sounded like Jonathan Adams from the Last Man Standing ABC sitcom.

  • Monica Sirotzki Weinle

    It’s a freaking commercial OMG.

  • photomel63

    First of all, Its only a commercial people, its not that serious. 2nd of all, he is doing what the client (Arby’s) wanted. If it sounds like he is shouting and going a bit over the top in one of the commercials, its what the client wants..and he (Ving) is getting paid!….I thought it was James Earl Jones at first, but as I really listened, I realized it wasnt him. I decided to look it up and I was surprised to learn it was Ving I can hear him. I listened to this commercial and the one for the home security system that he does..yep, that voice is his!…Great Job!

  • Not as annoying as the Allstate commercials

  • jhr1956

    Absolutely awful commercials. I will not visit Arby’s because of them. Rhames is a B movie actor at best and his voice is super annoying.

  • John Mooter

    The most repulsive ad on TV at this time, when meat consumption is destroying the Planet, is inhumane, and causing so many diseaases in humans…adn this buffoon promotew eatoing mor of it.

    • MrMurph

      The idiot speaks! ^^^

  • Ruffplaya

    Mines too? Speak English before you critisize Ving Rhames my man

  • Sandra Loudon

    I absolutely love this commercial. With his deep voice, it gives a special meaning to
    my husband and I. Love it!,

  • Cal Bambi

    I have always loved this actor, he is one cool guy. Arby’s has picked a winner for their commercials I love his melifluous voice and dulcet tones. Great job Mr. Rhames.

  • Phineas is 18

    I thought it was Big E. He’s a wrestler in the wwe. Lol.

  • sciencebob

    He’s talking about meat, but his voice is the sauce.

  • HJSullivan

    I have no beef with Ving Rhames.

  • Vern Bloomquist

    I have absolutely nothing against Ving Rhames, personally. Unfortunately, the LAST fast food restaurant that claims it has real MEAT in it’s sandwiches I would eat at is Arby’s! They stopped serving real meat when they stopped serving real roast beef sandwiches years ago. Not sure what is in their sandwiches, but it certainly isn’t meat!