Arby’s Commercials from 2018 “Core Sandwiches”

The actor in the new Arby’s commercials from 2018 “Core Sandwiches” is:

H Jon Benjamin Arby's Commercials from 2018


H. Jon Benjamin

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H. Jon Benjamin is voice actor and comedian with an extremely recognizable voice. It’s hard to say which show he’s most famous for as both Archer and Bob’s Burgers are extremely popular, and still on the air. H. Jon Benjamin plays the main character in both shows. As “Sterling Archer”, Benjamin plays a suave, good-looking and very capable spy who likes to drink (a lot) and have sex (a lot). Archer gives the impression that he’s incompetent but it’s really just his ego that gets in the way of his skills.

Doing almost a complete 180, Benjamin plays “Bob Belcher”, the main character on the animated television series Bob’s Burgers. Bob is  down-to-earth every man who owns a burger restaurant that he runs with his wife “Linda” and their three children. Bob’s Burgers is perhaps the most accurate representation on all of television of exactly what a modern family is like (at least a North East one). Nobody is perfect but a loving family doesn’t need to be perfect. Unlike “Sterling Archer”, “Bob Belcher” is overweight, sloppy, very self-doubting and decidedly lower-middle class (the rent is almost always late). If you couldn’t guess by now, I’m a big fan of both shows. While it seems that Benjamin mainly voices just the main character on Archer, he voices several different characters on Bob’s Burgers.

Bob Belcher and Sterling Archer are obviously Benjamin’s most famous roles but a not-so-distant third place would have to go to his portrayal of local convenience store manager and cinephile “Carl” on the very long-running animated series Family GuyCarl speaks exactly like Bob and Archer but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. H. Jon Benjamin also provided the voice over work in the Coke Zero commercials from last year.

I’m sure I’ve looked it but I still have no idea what the “H” stands for in H. Jon Benjamin… H. Jon Benjamin also does the voiceover work for the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football commercials 

The voiceover work at the end of the commercial “Arby’s, we have the meats!” is still done by Ving Rhames