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Hey there!

Are you an actor appearing in commercials? Would you like to add your commercial to the site?
If you answered yes to those questions, then follow the instructions in this post.

How to get your commercial added to AdWhois:

Step 1: Find a youtube (or other video link) to the commercial you appear in.
Step 2: Send an email with the video link to the commercial and a link to your personal page (IMDB, Wiki, or your own website) to

If submitting an acting appearance in a commercial a picture is required to verify the submitted actor is the actor in the commercial (and so other viewers can identify which actor is being referenced). If submitting voice-over work for a commercial, a sound reel would be beneficial for verification purposes (a reel on pre-existing website will work).

Once your email is sent you should receive an auto-response confirming your request (from if all the requirements listed in this post are met, your submission will appear in the “Actors by Commercial” section of the site within 48 hours, if more information is required you will receive an additional response.

We appreciate your using and look forward to adding your commercial!


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