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[Sticky] Instructions  


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15/03/2017 5:21 pm  

Welcome to the AdWhois User Forums. Use this section to request help from the community in identifying actors in specific commercials.

Once you register for the forums, confirm your email and login, you can post your request in this forum by clicking "Add Topic"

Be sure to make your post title description, listing the Brand, Product (if applicable) and year it airs.
In order for the community to know which specific commercial you are referencing, please try to include a youtube (or other video site) link to the commercial in your original post. 

If no video link is available you may also try and use an image or if worse comes to worst a very good description of the commercial in question.

The community will have a much better job of helping if a video is linked.

Typical forum etiquette rules apply, no swearing and no hateful/lewd comments.

Be sure to have "Subscribe to this topic" checked so you are alerted to any responses.


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